Christianity in the Middle East
Christianity in the Middle East
2022. Т. 6. № 1

History of Christianity in the Middle East

Irina Yu. Smirnova
A.N. Muraviev and Patriarch Constantius I: on the history of Russia’s interchurch relations
with the Orthodox East ...........5

Alexandr G. Grouchevoy
N.M. Anichkov (1844–1916) the vice-chairman of Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society
and his ideas concerning the history of the organization ...........87


Alexey N. Ryzhenkov, priest
Features of the perception of a miracle in the minds of a medieval person
and the reflection of this perception in hagiography ...........109

Pavel V. Bochkov, priest
The process of habilitation in theology in the Republic of Poland ...........118

Felix Dovgan (Hegumen Eutichius)
The Martyrdom of the Saint John the New of Suceava in the History
of the Byzantine Empire ...........127

“Debt unpaid”. In memory of Nikolai Nikolaevich Lisovoy

Dmitrii V. Safonov, priest
Nikolay Lisovоy about the reunification of the two parts of the Russian Orthodox Church, the 125th anniversary of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society in 2007 ...........139


Marina Luptakova
Unbelievers, get out! Persecution of Christians in selected countries of the Middle East and Africa at the present time. Review of the book: Michal Řoutil (2020) Nevěřící, odejděte! Současné pronásledování křesťanů ve vybraných zemích Blízkého východu a Afriky. Pavel Mervart, Červený Kostelec, 633 p. ..........167